Commercial & Industrial: What is the Zoning for the Property?

Take the time to investigate this early in your research. Every municipality has its’ zoning map and zoning ordinance online. Just because an information flyer says the property is zoned “Industrial” doesn’t necessarily mean the information is correct.

  1. Pull up the zoning map for the municipality and locate the property. Zoning maps show the various classifications and the key to the zoning map will give you the actual zoning of the property.
  2. Then go to the zoning ordinance for the township and read the classification that pertains to the property. That classification will list the PERMITTED USES, as well as those uses which fall under SPECIAL EXCEPTIONS and CONDITIONAL USES.

Now you have the information to know whether your planned use will be allowable for the property you are considering. Call an expert realtor at Brode and Brooks, Inc. if you have questions!


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