Nearly half of all buyers turn to online listings as the first step in their purchasing process. Adding drone footage to professional images of your property may make the sale difference in this age of digital home buyers.


Pro Drone Footage

Drone photography captures a home’s marketable assets:

Video footage can easily be shared on social media such as Facebook. With 80 percent of people in a National Association of REALTORS(c) survey reporting they used Facebook to look at potential properties, this could be key to getting the visual beauty of your home into ‘the cloud’ of sharing by social media.

Drone Footage Cons

As with any photography, there are professional and not-as-professional purveyors. And, there is a cost to expert-produced drone photography.

Does the birds eye view of your property highlight liabilities?


Remember, it may not be in the best interest of the property to have drone footage taken and shared. With their experience and a Competitive Market Analysis, your real estate agent will know if your home is in a hot market and will sell best with or without the additional expense of drone photography.

Think through the overall setting of your home. What are its marketable assets? What are its liabilities? Need help? Work with your Brode and Brooks realtor to consider the best options to market your home or property listing.

Photo by Victor Larracuente on Unsplash


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